Design Kits & Templates for Accelerator Cohorts

Affordable Design that Scales

Tailored, tested, templated. So nothing holds startups back.

Turn-key Brand Foundations

Professional design that grows with startups from idea to MVP and beyond.

Startups should spend more time developing and testing their ideas than designing pitch decks, choosing fonts or selecting colors. But if their pitch deck or website doesn’t promote a coherent image, they won’t be taken seriously.

Help your cohorts get to the next level with turn-key design templates. Keep them focused on their idea, not on how their business looks. Give them the edge over their competition with cohesive design that has been tested and vetted by professionals.

Give your cohorts the unfair advantage.

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Brands built using Design Kits

View more brand examples by browsing our individual design kits. Each Design Kit comes in a variety of colors that can support existing logos. Kits provide style guides and elements to flesh out a comprehensive visual brand.

No More Piecemeal Projects

Websites, emails, social media, ads—even apps and slide decks—can look intentionally designed rather than pieced together.

A System You Can Count On

Design Kits keep fonts, colors, icons and image styles organized in one place, ready for anyone to reference for new projects.

No Need to Chase Down a Designer

Built for fast-paced businesses, Design Kits allow you to embrace opportunity without rushing to find an affordable designer at the last minute.

Compatible Anywhere & Everywhere

Use your professionally designed kit to create matching swag, documents, websites, apps emails, social media posts, ads & more.

Quality Design for a Fraction of the Cost

Save a bundle and avoid the nightmare of iffy budget brand design services. Our professional, guided experience helps startups establish a cohesive brand for 75% less than large agencies charge.

Included in Every Design Kit

Font Selections & Hierarchy

Give your documents and website an instant facelift with recommended font weights and sizes for headings, paragraphs, subheadings, and more.

Versatile Color Palette

Keep your colors consistent across print, swag and screen with professionally selected colors. Colors are listed in Pantone, RGB, CMYK & HEX formats.

Photography Style

Photos play a central role in your look & feel, and in your ability to communicate ideas. Learn how to select and style your images to complete your polished look.

Swag Selection

Your company might not feel real until you have the t-shirt to prove it. We’ve done the shopping for you with recommendations for soft tees to fit your values and budget.

Icon Style

Icons are essential for quickly relaying concepts and catching users eyes as they scan through information. We include a selection of icons to embellish your work.

How-to Guide

This 12+ page guide shows you how to apply your design specs to collateral, swag, products & websites. Industry secrets and lifetime updates included.

Scalable design infused with brand strategy

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How it Works

Help cohorts take the guesswork out of good design that actually communicates.

1: Take the Brand Personality Quiz

Our 3-min. Brand Personality quiz asks insightful questions to match startups with the Design Kits that embody their ideal look and feel. Rooted in consumer psychology, the quiz results help guide a startup’s marketing message and user experiences to align with their target audience.

3: Customize a Design Kit

Each Design Kit comes with a choice of color palettes to set each company apart from their competitors, align with preferences, or blend with their existing logo design. Design Kits allow startups to scale their design consistently across their physical and digital presence, from swag to website to app.

3: Apply the Design Kit to New or Existing Materials

Startups can immediately access their Design Kit and simply copy & paste the colors, fonts, and icons to create one sheets, pitch decks, landing pages and more.

4: Purchase Matching Templates As-Needed

Accelerate marketing by purchasing matching templates as needed, including the all-important pitch deck or one sheet.

Pivot Insurance™

Save up to 50%! Swap Design Kits within 1 year of purchase for half the cost of buying a new Design Kit.

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Pricing & Volume Discounts for Accelerators

Design Kits start at $2,700

Each Design Kit is individually licensed for use by a single early stage company and cannot be reused for another entity, or be repurposed or resold in full or in part in any form.

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Add-ons start at $700

Add-ons, such as website design, pitch deck templates, custom color palettes and more are available for an additional cost. They are made to match a purchased Design Kit.

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Get a volume discount, starting with 12 Design Kits.

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  • How does this work for Accelerators?

    Accelerators purchase credits to be used towards Design Kit licenses. Each credit is equivalent to one license of any Design Kit we offer. A license can be assigned for use by any single company of their choosing.

    Volume discounts are offered for the purchase of 12 credits or more at one time. We can provide single-use coupon codes for accelerators to allow their cohorts to select and purchase the Design Kits of their choosing.

  • How long does it take for the startup to receive their Design Kit?

    Lean Design for Startups Design Kits are available for immediate download, or can be customized within a few business days. Startups can be matched to a recommended Design Kit by taking the Brand Personality Quiz. They may also schedule a free 20-min. consultation and be matched with a Design Kit during the call.

  • How are the Design Kits different from buying a template from an online marketplace?

    Lean Design for Startups Design Kits are more than a bunch of templates. They are a cohesive visual communication package, designed specifically for the needs of startups. Everything a startup needs to communicate their idea, build their presentation, and even build out their user experience is included in their Design Kit. Additionally, the Design Kit is tailored to match their unique Brand Personality so that their visual design supports their idea and helps to grow their company.

    Templates from online marketplaces do not offer the same level of customization and styling. Changing those templates to be a better fit gets in the way of productivity. Most of these templates have not been professionally designed nor vetted in real-world settings. More often than not, they end up costing more time and resources than they save.

    Our Design Kits are flexible enough to be interpreted in different ways. They take the guesswork out of what good design should be. We provide a working one-sheet template so your cohorts can get started right away.

    Lean Design for Startups Design Kits are professionally designed by seasoned designers that understand the needs of startups. Design Kits are the first step of a system that supports the growing needs of marketing and product teams.

  • What is included in the Design Kit?

    The Design Kit for Accelerators & Startups includes:

    Font Selection & Styling: Links and instructions for installing fonts are included in the Design Kit. You’ll receive a style guide and free printable one sheet template so you see how to style your text.

    Color Palette for Print & Screen: Collaborate faster on design projects with anyone and still get the colors exactly right.

    Recommended Photography Styles: Included are sources of free or inexpensive stock photography, direction for choosing photos that match the brand personality, and examples. Curated, downloadable photos are available as an add-on.

    Recommended Icon Families: Save time hunting for icons that communicate without distracting from your message or design.

    Swag Specs: Now startups can order quality t-shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies and more with their exact colors. We provide a list of vetted, high quality vendors or you can choose your own.

    1-on-1 Consultation: Get the most out of your Design Kit with a professional 30-min consultation.

    How-to Guide: Everything you need to know to deploy your new Design Kit, all in one place.

  • How are the Design Kits different from hiring an agency, or someone from Fiverr or 99Designs?

    While independent designers and budget-friendly design shops may have skills to fulfill some requests, their ability to predict design needs for scaling organizations, or navigate the nuances of crafting a competitive brand strategy, or align design work with business goals will be limited. Additionally, their availability will vary drastically and may not always coincide with startups’ schedules, which often require rush delivery times when opportunity strikes.

    Our Design Kits include all of the details that are needed to maintain a cohesive, professional image. We understand startups don’t have the resources to be locked into an expensive long-term project and we don’t want them to be forced to settle for less design support than they need to present their company with confidence.