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Brand & Design

Naming your Company

  • Business name types and benefits
  • Names and brand personality
  • Finding your ideal business name
  • Registering a legal business name

Fix Terrible Layouts

  • Three tweaks to instantly transform any document
  • Document layout tips
  • Create templates to save time
  • Website page layout tips

Marketing Website Content

6 Approaches to Crafting Effective Website Header Content

  • Choosing the right imagery
  • Framing your message for mixed audiences
  • Crafting your ideal call to action
  • Prioritizing what to feature

Features & Benefits

  • Presentation tips for digital products
  • How to call out important features
  • Write about benefits vs. features
  • Product tours & how it works

Case Studies & Testimonials

  • Collect testimonials
  • Case study formats
  • Display case studies & testimonials
  • Organize case studies & testimonials for web & print

Customer Segmentation

  • How and when to segment your audience
  • Types of content to create
  • Stay on brand while appealing to differing interests

Robust App Integration Marketplace

  • Create a landing page & profile page
  • Filtering & navigation tips
  • How to feature integrations

Intuitive Website Navigation

  • Organizing menu content
  • Menu naming conventions
  • Stylistic choices
  • Mega menus

Build a Resource Center

  • Displaying content
  • Filtering & categorizing content
  • Stylistic choices

Create a Partner Program

  • Onboarding new partners
  • Perks for partners
  • Featuring Partners
  • Co-branding with Partners

Hosting & Promoting Online Events

  • How and where to display events
  • Promoting events on your website and social media
  • Event branding and marketing tips
  • Co-branding events with Partners