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Brand Personality Quiz

Need help writing marketing content or solidifying your look and feel? Take the first step to discover your company’s unique qualities and attract your ideal audience. 

  • Prioritize key brand messaging
  • Establish cohesive visual design
  • Learn from concrete examples

How it Works

Instant learning for quick results

With each brand-building decision, you’ll be prompted to check that your priorities overlap with your customers’ so you spend your money, time and energy where it matters most.

Step 1
Take the Quiz

Discover how deep customer motivations can drive your brand development

Step 2
Verbalize & Visualize

Get concrete with words and images to solidify your voice and visual brand

Step 3
Design & Messaging

Use our tools and templates to create branded marketing and products

More meaning. Less Waste.

Reinforce your company’s unique strengths and map them to customer desires.