Design Kit License

Design Kit License Terms of Use

Thank you for your interest in Design Kits as accessed on the website (“Website”) of Plot Creative Studio, LLC (“Plot Creative”). These Design Kit Terms of Use (“DK Terms of Use”) apply to purchasers of Design Kits. Users may be referred to in these Terms of Use as “User”, “You”, “Your”, or “Yourself.”  By accessing the Website to review and purchase a Design Kit, You hereby consent to and accept these DK Terms of Use.  If You do not agree to these Terms of Use, You may not purchase or use a Design Kit.


Individual Design Kits (as defined below) and any services provided by Plot Creative related to those Individual Design Kits are subject these DK Terms of Use. You have already agreed to the Terms of Use on the Website (“Website Terms of Use”). Each and all of the terms of the Website Terms of Use apply to Your use of any Individual Design Kit in these DK Terms of Use. For example, the Limitation of Liability in the Website Terms of Use apply Your use of any Individual Design Kit. These DK Terms of Use are intended to supplement the Website Terms of Use and the Website Terms of Use shall control in the case of a conflict with these DK Terms of Use.The DK Terms of Use and Website Terms of Use reflect the full and complete understanding of Plot Creative and You as it relates to the use of any Individual Design Kit.

You are authorized to use any Individual Design Kit for only Your own use (or the use of an Individual Design Kit by the Single Entity, if any, to whom you transferred an Individual Design Kit for only their use) and in accordance with these DK Terms of Use and the Website Terms of Use.

If You or any sublicensee violate any of these DK Terms of Use or the Website Terms of Use, in Plot Creative’s sole discretion, Your right to use the Website and any and all Individual Design Kits will be terminated.

Plot Creative will from time-to-time make changes to these DK Terms of Use, and when changes are made, Plot Creative shall post such changes to the Website and email You that changes have occurred along with a link to view the updated WebsiteTerms of Use.  Your continued use of the Website, or any services accessible through it such as access to your IndividualDesign Kit after such posting or notification, shall serve as Your explicit consent to the modifications.

Services & Authorized Use

Upon purchasing an instance of the style guide, instructions, and design rubrics (an “Individual Design Kit”) from the Website, You will access and obtain a limited license to use a single instance of an Individual Design Kit for use by one Single Entity. You may choose to purchase multiple identical Individual Design Kits, but each Individual Design Kit may only be used by a Single Entity. You may transfer Your right to use an Individual Design Kit to one other Single Entity, but the other Single Entity must also agree to these DK Terms of Use and may not further transfer use of the Individual Design Kit.

A “Single Entity” is defined as an operating unit for which financial information is reported. A single entity may be a separate legal entity, a subsidiary, department, or any other designation as long as information is collected specifically for it and decisions are made based on that information.

You may also purchase additional collateral design templates connected to an Individual Design Kit (each, a “Collateral Template”). Any purchase Collateral Templates require either a previous or concurrent purchase of an Individual Design Kit. Use of such Collateral Templates are governed by these DK Terms of Use with each Collateral Template to be deemed a part of the Individual Design Kit to which it is connected. The access and license to use an Individual Design Kit or a Collateral Template instance continues for a period of five (5) years from the day of purchase or as otherwise terminated earlier as detailed below.

You will also receive two (2) consultations with Plot Creative for up to thirty (30) minutes each and ninety (90) days of email support starting from the date You agree to these DK Terms of Use. The Individual Design Kit and Collateral Templates may use other platforms or applications to allow you to access them, or You may choose to use the Design Kit and Collateral Templates with other platforms or applications (e.g. Canva or Adobe). Any issues you may have with those other platforms and applications must be addressed with the providers of those products and services. Plot Creative is not able to provide support for third parties’ services or products.

Unauthorized Use

You may only use an Individual Design Kit for a Single Entity. You may not use the designs or materials for any other entity whether or not it is related to the Single Entity who purchased or received the purchased Individual Design Kit. The rights granted to You under these DK Terms of Use are limited to the express terms hereof. Specifically, no right is granted to You to use, sell, reproduce, publish, license, distribute, disseminate, sublicense, rent, and/or lease any portion of any Individual Design Kit to a third party or other entity except as is specifically provided above for a single transfer of an Individual Design Kit to one Single Entity.  Neither You nor any transferee may use any Individual Design Kit or any associated application except as provided in these DK Terms of Use.  You are not authorized to create a link any Individual Design Kit from any other website.

Copyrights, Trademarks and/or Restrictions on Use

You acknowledge and agree that Plot Creative owns all right, title, and interest to the Website, any Individual Design Kit, and all content and works of authorship displayed on the Website and related applications, except where expressly noted; including without limitation photos, text, icons, source code, video, software, graphics and sound recordings (including how such information and materials are arranged on the Website).

Such items are protected by copyright and/or other laws.  You are authorized to use such information and materials in an Individual Design Kit only for Your own purposes.  You may not copy, distribute, disseminate, sell, reproduce, display, link to, license, of or republish the Individual Design Kit or any portion of the Individual Design Kit for any commercial or public purpose without Plot Creative’s prior express written consent or as expressly permitted herein. You may use an Individual Design Kit to create materials for You, but you may not create derivatives of the Individual Design Kit itself for use similar to the use for with the Individual Design Kit is created and sold.

Additional Applications

You may choose to add additional applications also available on the Website, such as the Brand Portal or Library. Those applications are not a part of an Individual Design Kit, and you will not have access to them unless and until you indicate the addition of those applications by purchasing and accessing them on the Website.  At that time, You will be provided with additional Terms of Use for those applications that will control the use of them.

You may also choose to purchase Pivot Insurance or Collateral Templates. Those applications are not a part of an Individual Design Kit unless and until you indicate the addition of those applications by purchasing and accessing them on the Website, at which point they are part of your Individual Design Kit and are controlled by these DK Terms of Use.

Pivot Insurance™

You may purchase the right to substitute an Individual Design Kit with a new Individual Design Kit (“Pivot Insurance”) when you purchase the Individual Design Kit. Pivot Insurance cannot be purchased retroactively or after You have accessed an Individual Design Kit. Pivot Insurance will allow you to substitute a different Individual Design Kit within one (1) year of the purchase of the initial Individual Design Kit. Upon the use of Pivot Insurance to obtain a substitute Individual Design Kit, You must stop all use of the prior Individual Design Kit. Further use of the Individual Design Kit will be in violation of these DK Terms of Use. Pivot Insurance only applies to a single substitution of a single Individual Design Kit. Pivot Insurance shall lapse after a period of one (1) year from purchase.

Design Kit Substitution and Refund Policy

Given the nature of digital content, a refund or credit on a purchase is very difficult. Therefore, refunds or credits are not granted unless You are unable to access an Individual Design Kit because of the link provided to You by Plot Creative is defective or content is not accessible whatsoever.

In order to help You be more confident about Your purchase of an Individual Design Kit, please consider the following:

  • Review the sample Individual Design Kit on each device and format that will use the Individual Design Kit to help determine any differences in appearance or use.
  • Purchase Pivot Insurance. Pivot Insurance is available for You to help You if you are concerned that You do not like the purchased Individual Design Kit.

Plot Creative will assess refund or credit requests on their merits at Plot Creative’s sole discretion, considering the digital nature of the Individual Design Kit. There is generally no obligation to provide a refund or credit in situations like the following:

  • You have changed Your mind about an Individual Design Kit;
  • You bought an Individual Design Kit by mistake;
  • You do not have sufficient knowledge or expertise to use the Individual Design Kit;
  • You ask for goodwill; or
  • You can no longer access the item because it has been removed (Please download items as soon as practicable after You buy them to avoid this situation).

If Plot Creative decides to issue a refund or credit, this will generally be done using the same manner You used to make the purchase. If Plot Creative chooses not to issue a refund or credit, Your only recourse at that time is to use the already purchased Pivot Insurance, if any. You cannot purchase Pivot Insurance retroactively. This is one of the reasons it is important to not share your credentials with others. You may also choose to purchase additional services, including but not limited to Pivot Insurance to help ensure that you have the materials that You expect. To request a refund, please contact Plot Creative at hi @