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Instant Design that Keeps Business Moving

Capture additional revenue, and keep clients happy with speedy, professional design.

On-Demand Design for Your Clients

Professional design that grows with startups from idea to MVP and beyond.

Clients often come looking for a website without a well-defined brand or style guide. As an experienced agency owner, you know how frequently this scenario leads to scope creep and many frustrating rounds of revisions.

Finding a skilled designer at the last minute to supplement your team of developers can eat into margins and slow projects down. It takes time, furthering the strain on you as a business person and draining team morale.

Rather than turning clients away, or struggling to keep projects on schedule, Lean Design Kits do the heavy lifting for you without adding a designer to your payroll. Instead of fitting flaky freelancers into your busy workday, use Lean Design Kits to generate additional revenue, simplify your website building process, and provide your clients with a scalable brand.

Quality design. On schedule. On budget. On demand.

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Brands built using Design Kits

View more brand examples by browsing our individual design kits. Each Design Kit comes in a variety of colors that can support existing logos. Kits provide style guides and elements to flesh out a comprehensive visual brand.

Do What You’re Best At

Spend time writing, coding or strategizing—not waiting on design. Design Kits include web-friendly styles to copy & paste into code or software.

Better Profit Margins

Add some predictability to your schedule with on-demand Design Kits. Priced for budget-conscious clients and a healthy margin for your agency.

No Need to Chase Down a Designer

Built for fast-paced businesses, Design Kits allow you to embrace opportunity without rushing to find an affordable designer at the last minute.

Compatible Anywhere & Everywhere

Skip the hassle of onboarding design partners, or fiddling with poorly coded themes. Design Kits work out of the box with virtually any third-party tool.

Quality Design for a Fraction of the Cost

Save a bundle and avoid the nightmare of iffy budget brand design services. Our professional, guided experience helps web developers and marketing agencies build a cohesive brand without negotiating hourly rates with design partners.

Included in Every Design Kit

You can give your clients everything they need to build a strong brand.

Font Selections & Hierarchy

No more guessing. Your websites will look polished with recommended font weights and sizes for headings, paragraphs, subheadings, and more.

Versatile Color Palette

Keep client colors consistent across print, swag, and screen with professionally selected colors. Colors are listed in Pantone, RGB, CMYK & HEX formats.

Photography Style

Photos play a central role in your look & feel, and in your ability to communicate ideas. Learn how to select and style client images to complete their polished look.

Swag Selection

Upsell and collect affiliate fees. We’ve done the shopping for you with recommendations for soft tees and useful swag to fit your clients’ values and budget.

Icon Style

Icons are essential for quickly relaying concepts and catching users’ eyes as they scan information. We include a selection of icons to embellish your work.

How-to Guide

Packed with relevant tips and tutorials, you and your clients will see exactly how to apply your design specs to collateral, swag, products & websites. Industry secrets and lifetime updates included.

Scalable design infused with brand strategy

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How it Works

Streamline your creative process and speed up client design approvals.

1: Take the Brand Personality Quiz

Our Brand Personality quiz asks insightful questions to match startups with the Design Kits that embody their ideal look and feel. Rooted in consumer psychology, the quiz results help guide a startup’s marketing message and user experiences to align with their target audience.

2: Select a Mood Board (optional)

Mood boards are curated collections of brand examples that illustrate ideal messaging and visual design associated with a brand personality. With these concrete examples, we help narrow options so everyone can get on the same page faster with the look they want.

3: Customize a Design Kit

Each Design Kit comes with a choice of 5 color palettes to set each company apart from their competitors, align with preferences, or blend with their existing logo design. Design Kits allow startups to scale their design consistently across their physical and digital presence, from swag to website to app.

4: Deploy the Design

Developers can reference the Design Kit colors, fonts, and icons. Use the provided guidelines to create generate a one sheet, pitch decks, website landing pages, and more. Your clients can even purchase matching collateral templates as needed, including the all-important pitch deck.

Pricing & Volume Discounts for Agencies

Design Kits start at $2,700

Each Design Kit is individually licensed for use by a single entity and cannot be reused, repurposed or resold in full or in part in any form.

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Matching Collateral & Add-ons start at $20

Add-ons, such as custom color palettes, consultations, or workshops are available upon request. Matching collateral templates are available on-demand after the purchase of a Design Kit.

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Get a volume discount, starting with 12 Design Kits.

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  • How does this work for Agencies?

    Agencies purchase credits to be used towards Design Kit licenses. Each credit is equivalent to one license of any Design Kit we offer. Volume discounts are offered for the purchase of 12 credits or more at one time.

  • Do you offer a white-label experience?

    Please contact us here if you are interested in discussing white labeling Lean Design for Startups for your agency.

  • How long does it take for the startup to receive their Design Kit?

    Design Kits tailored for agency use are available within a few days of purchase. If you would like your client to be matched to a Design Kit, they can take our Brand Personality Quiz or schedule a free 20-min. consultation to discuss which kit is the best match for them. You may also do this on their behalf.

  • What file formats are included in Lean Design Kits?

    Lean Design Kits are provided as a Notion file viewable in a browser or via their app. Design Kits are presented as an interactive guide, with videos and links to download icons and fonts that are compatible with Macs or PCs.

  • Are logo design services included in Lean Design Kits?

    Logo design isn’t currently included in our Lean Design Kits.

  • How are the Design Kits different from buying a template from an online marketplace?

    Design Kits are not simply visual brand guidelines. They include guidance for many decisions involved in creating marketing collateral and websites, including selecting images and icons, and combining photography and illustration to convey the right tone for the brand personality. The foundational elements included in the Design Kit can be used as-is, or expanded to fit your client’s needs.

    Each Design Kit includes:

    Font Selection & Styling: Links and instructions for installing fonts are included in the Design Kit. You’ll receive a style guide and free printable one sheet template so you see how to style text.

    Color Palette for Print & Screen: Collaborate faster on design projects with anyone and still get the colors exactly right. (Custom color palettes, or expanded color palettes available upon request for additional cost.)

    Recommended Photography Styles: Included are sources of free or inexpensive stock photography, direction for choosing photos that match the brand personality, and examples. Curated, downloadable photos are available as an add-on.

    Recommended Icon Families: Save time hunting for icons that communicate without distracting from your message or design.

    Swag Specs: Now startups can order quality t-shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies and more with their exact colors. We provide a list of vetted, high quality brands, or you can choose your own.

    1-on-1 Consultation: We provide a 30-min overview of the Design Kit. Choose whether we meet with your agency’s main point of contact, or directly with your client to get them up and running.

    How-to Guide: Everything you need to know to deploy your new Design Kit, all in one place.

  • What if our client already has brand colors and a logo?

    We can work with that! Select the Custom Color Palette upgrade when you purchase your Design Kit.

  • What if I don’t think my client needs everything in the Lean Design Kit, like icon selections or photo styling?

    While we allow you to add to a Lean Design Kit, we purposely don’t offer more pared down kits. Design Kits include the essentials needed to create a system of matching collateral and products so companies can focus on the work they do best. By doing this, we help your company look more polished and eliminate the inefficiencies of piecemeal brand building. This saves your company time and energy and keeps assets in a shareable, documented format for all collaborators.

  • Are Lean Design Kits compatible with Mac and PC?

    Yes. Lean Design Kit files will open on Mac or PC. Colors, fonts and icons in the Design Kit can be used to create branded content in any modern software, such as Google Suite, Microsoft products, Apple products, Sketch, Figma, Canva, Gimp and more.

  • Are Design Kits the same as a design system?

    Design Kits are not the same as a design system. Design Kits provide a cohesive set of essential elements (like fonts and colors) that can be used as a base for marketing materials and digital products. Design Kits work well in combination with a design system to make the design system look more unique and on-brand. However, the Design Kit does not include tokens, libraries, components, or layouts that are typically found in a design system.