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Warrior, Crusader, Rescuer

Step 2: Translate this message into visual design for your brand.

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Summary of Your Brand Personality

You are capable of great acts of strength and bravery. You see it as your duty to overcome great obstacles in service to others, and are willing to risk your own well-being for the sake of those you look to protect. You are admired for your stamina, self-sacrificial attitude, and courage to triumph over evil. A constant learner, you seek to understand the inner workings of your being while coping with difficult situations and shifting challenges. Your core differentiator is in your sacrifice to achieve transformation.

“To avoid action when justice is at stake demonstrates a lack of courage.”

Gichin Funakoshi

Primary Motivation:
Risk and mastery—working hard to see change

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences looking for a leader to guide them through a transformation or unjust situation. You come alongside others to help them achieve what they have dreamt of, and inspire them through your strength and determination to succeed.


Self-sacrifice, endurance, faith, courage. Desire for redemption and transformation.


Arrogance. Delusions of grandeur and self-importance. Temptation of power.


Atticus Finch, Mia Hamm, John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted)

Step 2: Translate this message into visual design for your brand.

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