Your Company’s Brand Personality


Advocate, Networker, The Regular Guy/Girl

Step 1: Verify Your Archetype

Your business decisions are driven by a sense of personal integrity. Your values are deeply rooted and focus on supporting equality and maintaining a role as a responsible member of your community. You see others as equals and are not out for personal gain. You find value in the collective and trust the inherent good of humanity.


Rachel Ray, Chris Anderson (curator of TED), Rosa Parks


“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.”

Seth Godin, In Tribes

Stewardship, altruism and respect. Equality and fairness. Hard-working and people-oriented. A naturally good listener.


Being apathetic or presenting an air of self-righteousness. Rebelliousness and recklessness.

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences looking for a place to belong. You help people feel comfortable and connected with others.

Primary Motivation:
Social belonging, community building

See how other brands have conveyed similar strengths through their visual design:

3S, designed by HAM, features bold colors and minimalist geometric shapes to appear friendly and energetic.

Harbourvore, designed by Seachange, features a bold orange color, silly nautical illustrations and a playful name.

Mixt, designed by Character, uses a geometric logo and casual photography style to convey transparency.

Step 2: Select a Design Kit

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Step 3: Get Matching Collateral

Launch faster and save yourself from hair-on-fire design emergencies. Our collateral templates are formatted to match your selected Design Kit. Purchase as-needed, starting at $20 each.

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