Your Company’s Brand Personality


Outlaw, Nonconformist, Revolutionary

Step 1: Verify Your Archetype

Fed up by injustices, you become an instigator of social change, and the voice for the voiceless. You aren’t just a leader, you are a force to be reckoned with. You waste no time with conventional methods that stand in the way of progress, and are comfortable challenging the status quo. You’re bold, courageous and powerful, and you use your energy to help those who fear being victimized.


Banksy, James Dean, C. S. Lewis


“If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”


Unafraid of risk or challenges. Natural leader. Progressive and provocative. Brave, honest and open to experimentation.


Seen as reckless and bullheaded. Susceptible to being fueled by hate or anger, and dwelling on negative thoughts. Loss of boundaries to the point of lawlessness or criminal behavior. Fanaticism.

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences who are fed up with a situation and demand change. Your courage to speak up on others’ behalf encourages people to stand up for their beliefs.

Primary Motivation:
To bring change through rallying others to action.

See how other brands have conveyed similar strengths through their visual design:

Supertrash, a garbage collection brand designed by Seachange, features gargantuan type, neon colors, candid photography and bold statements.

Victorious, a workout app designed by Character, delivers intensity with sophisticated restraint using symbolic images, neon colors and crisp fonts.

Act Against Fascism, designed by Blok, uses politically-oriented colors and extreme condensed type to attract attention for a succinct message.

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