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Positioning Portal Terms of Use

Welcome to the Lean Design for Startups design and client hub as accessed on the website http://leandesignforstartups.com/brand-portal/ (“Positioning Portal”, formerly known as “Brand Portal”) of Plot Creative Studio, LLC (“Plot Creative”).  These Positioning Portal Terms of Use (“PP Terms of Use”) apply to users visiting or otherwise utilizing the Positioning Portal, as visitors, licensees of Plot Creative software, or sublicensees.  Users may be referred to in these PP Terms of Use as “User”, “You”, “Your”, or “Yourself.”  By accessing the Positioning Portal and any pages thereof, You hereby consent to and accept these PP Terms of Use.  If You do not agree to these PP Terms of Use, You may not use the Positioning Portal.


Services offered by Plot Creative in the Positioning Portal are subject these PP Terms of Use. You have already agreed to the Terms of Use on the Plot Creative Website at https://www.leandesignforstartups.com (“Website Terms of Use”). Each and all of the terms of the Website Terms of Use apply to Your use of the Positioning Portal. For example, the Limitation of Liability in the Website Terms of Use apply to the Positioning Portal. These PP Terms of Use are intended to supplement the Website Terms of Use and the Website Terms of Use shall control in the case of a conflict with these PP Terms of Use. The PP Terms of Use and Website Terms of Use reflect the full and complete understanding of Plot Creative and You as it relates to the use of Positioning Portal.  

You are authorized to use the Positioning Portal for only Your own use and in accordance with these PP Terms of Use and the Website Terms of Use.

If You violate any of these PP Terms of Use or the Website Terms of Use, in Plot Creative’s sole discretion, Your right to use the Website and Positioning Portal will be terminated.

Plot Creative will from time-to-time make changes to these PP Terms of Use, and when changes are made, Plot Creative shall post such changes to the Positioning Portal and email You a notice that they have changed along with a link to view the updated PP Terms of Use. Then, Your continued use of the Positioning Portal after such posting or notification, shall serve as Your explicit consent to the modifications.

Services & Authorized Use

Through the Positioning Portal, You may access materials that You have purchased or have been provided by Plot Creative as well as materials that You have uploaded to help You with Your Design work either for You or Your clients. You are authorized to use the Positioning Portal for Your own use and in accordance with these PP Terms of Use. You may use the Positioning Portal as a central hub for Your design work and the design work of clients. You may share the Positioning Portal with third parties; however, any access to Your Positioning Portal must be through individual Accounts in which each person who accesses the Positioning Portal has their own credentials and has agreed to these PP Terms of Use.

Unauthorized Use

The rights granted to You under these PP Terms of Use are limited to the express terms hereof.  Specifically, no right is granted to You to use, sell, reproduce, publish, license, distribute, disseminate, sublicense, rent, and/or lease any portion of the Positioning Portal to a third party or other entity.  Further, under no circumstances does Plot Creative grant to You any right to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, and make any attempts to discover the source code of the Positioning Portal or any associated application. You may not use Positioning Portal or any associated application except as provided in these PP Terms of Use. You are not authorized to create a link to the Positioning Portal from any other website. 

Copyrights, Trademarks, and/or Restrictions on Use

You acknowledge and agree that Plot Creative owns all right, title, and interest to the Positioning Portal; including without limitation photos, text, icons, source code, video, software, graphics and sound recordings (including how such information and materials are arranged on the Positioning Portal).

You may include Your own materials. If You post any materials, You warrant that You have all rights and authorization to post the material. That means that You are either the owner or have written permission from the rights owner to post the material on the Positioning Portal.  You also warrant that it is not infringing on any other’s rights.

Such items are protected by copyright and/or other laws. You are authorized to view such information and materials on the Positioning Portal only for Your own purposes. You may not copy, distribute, disseminate, sell, reproduce, display, link to, license, create derivative works of or republish the Positioning Portal or any portion of the Positioning Portal for any commercial or public purpose without the Plot Creative’s prior express written consent. Any materials stored or accessed through the Positioning Portal may have its own terms of use or restrictions on use. Those materials are subject to those terms, and You should make sure You understand those terms for the different materials.

Additional Applications

You may choose to add additional applications or products to Your Positioning Portal such as a Design Kit. Those applications are not a part of the PP Terms of Use. At that time of purchase, You will be provided with additional Terms of Use for those applications that will control those products and services.  

Your Account, Your Information, and Hacking

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your account, usernames and passwords (Your “Account”), and for restricting access to Your computer. You agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your Account or password and shall immediately notify Plot Creative of any unauthorized use of Your Account or credentials.

You may share Your Positioning Portal with others, but each person must have their own Account. You should not share Your username and password or access to your Account. Instead, the administrator of the Positioning Portal will add an Account to the Positioning Portal for each person wanting to access the Positioning Portal. Each person wanting an Account for a Positioning Portal must agree separately to these PP Terms of Use.

If You are unable to access Your Account, please contact Plot Creative at hi @leandesignforstartups.com to discuss proper access the of Account or to retrieve information from the account. Plot Creative may request documentation or choose not to provide full access to an account to avoid fraud.

If you need help accessing or removing any of Your information, or removing any third-party access, please contact Plot Creative at hi @leandesignforstartups.com


We may use your contact information to send you newsletters and company updates, which you may unsubscribe from using the link provided in said emails.

No personal details collected during our payment transactions will be knowingly and/or unnecessarily disclosed to any third parties by Plot Creative Studios LLC for any purpose other than to complete the transactions successfully. Your use of third-party payment services is an acknowledgement of their privacy policy and the risks associated with online payment options—Plot Creative Studio LLC is not responsible for any breaches of security associated with these transactions.