Your Company’s Brand Personality


Entertainer, Clown, Provocateur

Step 1: Verify Your Archetype

You are uniquely gifted in bringing joy and levity to situations. Your perspective of events brings surprising twists in meaning and interpretation, and in this way you present truth to those in power. You’re wicked smart. You appreciate beauty and support change. People know you for your exuberance and pranks, for breaking societal norms and dismissing tradition in favor of fun. You’re often seen as irreverent or mischievous in your unbridled view of life and indifference of conventions.


Dave Chapelle, Justin Timberlake, John Oliver


“My report card always said, ‘Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students.’”


Originality, irreverence and a wicked sense of humor. Great people skills. Aware and present.


Being misunderstood or cast aside. Seen as a threat. Temptation to be cruel or ignore authority. Tendency to waste time or be disorganized and scattered.

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences looking for a lighter perspective or different take on the world. Your ability to speak to powerful people or confront difficult situations through humor can rally others who share your beliefs, but lack the gift to approach them the way you do.

Primary Motivation:
Social belonging, community building

See how other brands have translated similar strengths into visual design:

Chicken Mafia, a fast food brand designed by Limonov and Wisotow, uses cheeky icons, chunky type and a checkerboard motif for an energetic look.

Thimble, an insurance brand designed by Red Antler, turns calamity into hilarity with ridiculous photos, an electric color palette and simple messaging.

Hinge, a dating app brand designed by Red Antler, uses absurd humor, bright colors, clever copy, and a muppet-ized app icon mascot to differentiate the app.

Step 2: Select a Design Kit

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Step 3: Get Matching Collateral

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