Your Company’s Brand Personality


Dreamer, Idealist, Muse

Step 1: Verify Your Archetype

Above all, you maintain an optimistic view. You seek ideals and the promise of paradise. Free from corruption, others value your image of purity and virtuousness. You are associated with flawlessness, cleanliness and a natural, unvarnished beauty. You may conjure up a sense of nostalgia or a desire for simpler times. Your most powerful expression is the ability to embody a sense of renewal or unity.


Wilbur (Charlotte’s Web), Audrey Hepburn, Abraham Lincoln


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’”


Sense of wonder that gives way to a freedom from preconceptions. Wholesomeness, honesty and purity. Unconditional love. Spontaneity.


Being perceived as naïve. Tendency to avoid confrontation or repress problems. Fear of punishment for something wrong or bad. Frequent retreats into fantasy.

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences looking for a return to simplicity, purity or possibility. You help people feel at ease and awaken their playful, more imaginative side.

Primary Motivation:
The pursuit of happiness and promise of paradise

See how other brands have conveyed similar strengths through their visual design:

Heyday, a device accessories brand designed by Collins, exudes lightheartedness: a bubbly font, peppy colors and personifying details, like hang holes turned into a smiley face.

Fable, a pet accessories brand designed by High Tide, celebrates the bond of pet and owner with whimsical hand-drawn illustrations, humble fonts, and “storybook” website presentation.

Qbic, a hotel brand by Ragged Edge, creates a welcoming environment with approachable fonts, bright natural colors and scrappy illustrations, enhanced by modern conveniences.

Step 2: Select a Design Kit

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