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Pioneer, Adventurer, Seeker

Step 2: Translate this message into visual design for your brand.

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Summary of Your Brand Personality

You are driven to pursue new experiences and maintain your autonomy. While you don’t feel the need to challenge potential overlords, you seek opportunities to be independent in order to escape boredom or the feeling of entrapment. You aren’t threatened by risks, and instead embrace a philosophy of limitlessness. You delight in the possibility of making surprising discoveries.

“Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works.”

Carl Sagan

Primary Motivation:
Independence and self-fulfillment through knowledge.

Audience Appeal

Best suited for audiences who seek out new experiences. They will be drawn to brands that encourage self-exploration, and customizable products or services. Allow them to be immersed in your offerings by providing a tactile, sensory, or try-before-you-buy opportunity. Variety is key for supporting their unending thirst for discovery. Contextual information and storytelling will engage their desire to learn and understand their world.


Bravery and self-sufficiency. Independence, freedom and nonconformity.


Aimlessness and self-indulgence. Alienation or sense of detachment. Struggle to feel satisfied.


NASA, James Bond, Stephen Hawking

Step 2: Translate this message into visual design for your brand.

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