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Mood boards are curated groups of images that visualize a vibe. This is the second step in narrowing down a look & feel to effectively convey your brand message.

Tradition is a powerful tool. It taps into people’s beliefs, cultural identities and childhood memories. This power can be used to persuade through a sense of familial connectedness or camaraderie. It establishes hierarchy and clear expectations, which can be especially comforting during times of duress or uncertainty. Combined with an air of prestige, brands emanating this look and feel establish themselves as strong, decisive leaders.

Often relying on their heritage, these brands will present their pedigree and infuse their visual design with layers of meaning. It’s no surprise that many brands in this category incorporate familiar symbolic elements into their image. Visual components like heraldry (particularly shields), classic colors, and aged photographs, paintings, sculptures or etchings create a rich environment that feels established, even if a company is newly formed. These choices will be made with express deliberation to ensure they represent important moments and qualities about the brand’s story. With all of this pomp and circumstance, it’s important to balance formality with familiarity to strike the right tone with customers.

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Classic, Heritage, Smart, Independent, Self-sufficient, Practical, Strong

Is this the right feel for your brand?

The images below show how various companies have used color, type, icons, photos, illustrations and textures together to translate their personality into a unique look and feel. As you consider your company’s presence, do these samples achieve the vibe you’re after?

Please note: The images posted here are subject to copyrights owned by the individuals or entities who created them. They are intended for educational purposes, and not to be used for your brand or for any other personal or commercial use.

TIP: Audiences with an independent streak are difficult to convince. They will tend to be skeptical and do things on their own time. Be careful not to pander to them, oversell them or push them to take action. They tend to be interested in high quality, high value offerings and ignore what could be perceived as a waste of time. The more transparent you are, and the more room you give them, the happier they will be.

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