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Mood boards are curated groups of images that visualize a vibe. This is the second step of narrowing down a look & feel to effectively convey your brand message.

Science just didn’t seem that cool until these brands showed up. By embracing sleek design and sophisticated engineering these brands achieve an unbeatable combination that pushes beyond a product’s functional purpose. With the end users in mind, they strive to create a truly unique and enjoyable experience, setting them apart from their practical, bare-bones competitors. Attracting the attention of those “in the know” may well be a prerogative for companies looking to create a buzz around their ingenuity.

This look would be appropriate for brands in industries dominated by technology or those being disrupted with new philosophies and solutions. Notice how many of the brand samples appear approachable and energetic by bringing in a human component in contrast with high-tech devices. The color palettes are bold, bright and modern or fresh, clean and neutral. They have freedom to use unique fonts with crisp lines that speak to their creativity and engineered precision.

Ideal for these archetypes:






Clean, Detail-oriented, Energetic, High-end, Modern, Precise, Progressive, Scientific, Sophisticated, Technical, Sleek

Is this the right feel for your brand?

The images below show how various companies have used color, type, icons, photos, illustrations and textures together to translate their personality into a unique look and feel. As you consider your company’s presence, do these samples achieve the vibe you’re after?

Please note: The images posted here are subject to copyrights owned by the individuals or entities who created them. They are not intended to be used for your brand or for any other personal or commercial use.

Tip: Clean, minimalist design is highly appealing but can be difficult to execute well, especially in the early days of business. Every detail counts—be judicious with the quantity of words on a page, and select your imagery, icons and fonts with care. Be careful not to oversimplify your look, as you risk being bland and forgettable.

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