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Mood Board

Mood boards are curated groups of images that visualize a vibe. This is the second step in narrowing down a look & feel to effectively convey your brand message.

There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh air. Audiences looking for an assurance of quality, cleanliness or healthy living will respond to brands that share their values and proactively consider their impact on the world around them.

To carry off this vibe, brands must strike a good balance between careful curation and a relaxed mindset. It’s the embodiment of wabi sabi, hygge, and que será, será, with the sophistication that comes from experience and awareness. This can be expressed visually through layouts with a lot of white space, minimal design elements, natural materials, inviting photography, and succinct or even poetic copywriting. Using contrasting textures, hard and soft shapes and presenting work in slightly unexpected orientations—such as vertically aligned type—could add a sense of fresh perspective to your collateral.

Ideal for these archetypes:





Earthy, Smart, Independent, Simple, Sophisticated, Intentional, Clear, Caring, Thoughtful

Is this the right feel for your brand?

The images below show how various companies have used color, type, icons, photos, illustrations and textures together to translate their personality into a unique look and feel. As you consider your company’s presence, do these samples achieve the vibe you’re after?

Please note: The images posted here are subject to copyrights owned by the individuals or entities who created them. They are intended for educational purposes, and not to be used for your brand or for any other personal or commercial use.

TIP: Audiences looking for an escape from over stimulation or empty promises may be particular and hard to please. Precision, organization, clear communication and good customer service will go a long way in making sure they feel happy and satisfied to support your brand. There is no room to cut corners with this group.

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